In absence of sleep, a blog post.

This site remains far more inactive than I would like, a common problem when it comes to my projects but one I am working on.

There’s been several posts started and then deleted or delayed because of one issue or the other — some because I feel like I have lost myself in a rambling account, others because they weren’t good ideas no matter now articulate I managed to be about them.

Maybe I need to learn to like coffee. 😛

Right now, as you may have guessed from the title, it’s quite late and I’m unable to sleep, not so helpful when I’m hoping to go to the shops in the morning, I just wish it was something more productive than wondering how rich I’d have to be to have a house with an activities room that had both gym equipment and a bowling alley. Maybe a pool too? Or is that too Beverly Hillbillies?

On the plus side, my wordpress dashboard is really nice from the browser on my phone so aside from autocorrect I have few excuses to not just open a page and spit out my thoughts.

Right now I need to return to obsessing stupidly over getting Groot on Avengers Academy though.

The trouble with toile fabric…

…is that I have none!

I think my fascination has roots in a set of crockery my great grandmother had, it was something like this:

Blue and white toile plate.

Ever since I was a child I loved those plates. They were perhaps a bit “rustic” for a kid, but their intricacies were fascinating and different from the plainer plates most people had. Should I ever move out, there’s a similar dinner and tea set that I mean to get for myself… as well as way too many colourful and mismatched teacups and saucers, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Traditionally, toile, more properly known as toile de jouy is a two coloured pattern, mostly used on fabric but sometimes on wallpaper and items like the above-mentioned crockery and were typically pastoral or floral in nature. These days, though? There are all sorts, I mean just look at these beautiful fabrics (linked where possible to their sources). Continue reading